LEINBACH LINE Landscape Rake 8 Foot 46 Teeth

The LEINBACH LINE landscape rake is built for tough work. It will accurately level, fill, move, smoothly raking soil and crushed stone for seedbeds on small and large jobs. The teeth are spaced 1 inch apart; enabling the operator to remove rock, roots, and undesired debris from finely prepared seedbeds. If desired the 7 forward and 7 reverse positions enable the operator to change the angle of the rake for side delivery. The sturdy A-frame with the heavy 4 x 4 inch tubular main beam pivots on a grease able 2 inch kingpin. The teeth are designed with one bolt hole for strength and are heat-treated alloy steel, having the right qualities for proper flexing, yet are strong and durable for long wear. A one inch spacer is welded between each tooth to provide for even spacing. This gives control of the size of the material that plows through the teeth. However if too much material is moved then every other tooth can be removed. Optional gauge wheels are available to fit all models.
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